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Revolutionary Window Film Solutions

We provide state of the art solar film and window tinting that can change your home living and office experience. Our window films reflect heat, not absorb heat.

Solar Control
Reflect solar heat and lower the cooling costs in your office or home with our solar film in Singapore.

UV Protection
Our solar window film also protects you against UV rays and harmful radiation.

Safety & Privacy
Privacy window films reduce visibility through the glass and can thereby reduce chances of theft.


We believe in offering our customers high quality, durable and cost effective solutions for window film in Singapore while educating them on how to recognise the true quality of window
film and the various applications.

Commercial Buildings

Get office window film in Singapore that help you create well protected office surroundings that ensure comfort and efficient energy savings.

Residential Homes

Getting home window film in Singapore is worthwhile in the long run. Our solar film for home ensures UV and furniture protection from

harsh sunlight exposure.

Automotive Tinting For Cars

Get highest quality solar film tinting in Singapore for your cars. Enjoy driving in comfort by reducing heat from entering into your car. Reflect the heat away with our Multi Layer Sputtered Films 


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