February 26, 2018

Many building owners ask this question : should i install Low E or Window Film?

Which is more effective in blocking heat and most importantly is cost effective?

We did an experiment to put this to test.

Testing object: 

(8mm Clear Tempered Glass + 1.52 PVB Layer + 8mm Sune...

February 21, 2018

How do you recognize high quality window film? There are a few ways to determine the performance of the film you are getting.

1) Specification Sheet

2) Testing and simulation of hot sun (IR Lamp)

3) Using a meter to test the performance.

By going through each method of tes...

February 14, 2018

Keeping cool in Singapore is by no means an easy feat. Facing the scorching sun almost everyday, we often complain about the heat.

To battle this heat, there are actually many ways to beat this heat. Whether outside, in office, in school or at home, we should be prepare...

February 12, 2018

Existing buildings which are older tend to have lower performance glass due to the limitations of the technology in the past. 

Over the years, newer technologies are being developed to give high performance glass windows in buildings. However replacing existing old glas...

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Solutions to your heat problems
Pacco Window Film blog offers effective solutions to enhance the look and performance of glass windows in your house and office. From UV protection, glare reduction, and reducing heat to energy savings, safety and privacy. Pacco will provide you with practical tips and advice to improve your quality of life.
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