Global cutting-edge magnetron sputtering manufacturing technology

Custom-made German vacuum magnetron sputtering equipment

Our Window Film is created using international high-end rotary multi-layer precious metal magnetron sputtering equipment, combined with core technologies from in-house research. Able to achieve sputtering on more than ten layers of nanoscale precious metal coating using optic grade base material, resulting in high degrees of insulation and clarity with low refraction through isolation and screening of heat and light in different metals.

Custom-made Korean high precision coating compound production line

Internationally leading coating and compound equipment, achieving more precise and even coating, increasing the optic performance of our window film, allowing it to be more clear and natural, long-lasting and stable.

Thoroughly purified and dust-free workshop

Zonling has high precision air physical parameter control and class 100 cleanliness control, to minimize the impurity particles and greatly enhance the purity of our film.

Intensive acceleration testing

Top testing laboratories in China perform intensive ultraviolet aging, temperature, acid-alkali resistance tests on our products, ensuring that every batch of film is of the highest quality.

In-house development of core technologies

New patented magnetron sputtering coating design

More than ten layers of precious metals, having been precisely refined by special vacuum magnetron sputtering technologies, is transformed into a combination of nanomolecules and optic grade film. Unique highly reflective and absorbent properties of precious metal particles give a thin layer of window film with high degree of insulation.

Smart microelectronic heat reflecting technology

Light and heat are mutually exclusive. We often desire the comfort of natural lighting, yet we also want to eliminate excess heat. Our window film is created using smart heat reflecting technology, while satisfying lighting and basic heating needs, also blocks excess heat, achieving the perfect balance between lighting and insulation. 

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