Yin and Yang..?

Here goes my first blog post...through this blog we hope to educate everyone on recognizing a good window film and how to choose a window film that suits your needs. This will be an informal platform for people to read and learn more about this product - Window Film.

We hope everyone will be an expert after this whole journey of educating people about Window Film.

Transparency and Professional Advice is what we offer.

Service and Quality Window Film is what we deliver.

Now back to this first post...

Printers and ink

Seeds and fertilizers

DVD players and DVD disks

Car and fuel

Some things always come in pairs, or rather in economic terms, we actually like to call it complementary goods. (Pardon for the jargon as I did major in Economics)

I would like to extend the usage this term to Windows and Window Film.

Well many of you will be marking me down and disagreeing to this statement, but let me explain further.

Complementary goods are goods that are usually consumed together or that have the ability to provide a higher utility when consumed together. I would say that Windows and Window Film belong to the latter.

A window by itself is just a plain piece of glass that gives you a view of outside and allowing natural daylight to come in.

However along with it, it brings in unwanted natural elements - namely heat, UV rays and the glare.

On our lovely sunny island of Singapore where we experience Summer whole year long with strong and glaring sunlight everyday, our house are oven baked.

Our ordinary plain windows are not protecting us enough. So now you may ask, how do we "zhng" our windows?

Now this is where Window Film comes in. Window Film comes in all kinds of colours...material types...thickness...so on and so forth...

With Window Film, unwanted heat energy/UV rays/glare from sunlight are reduced. Not only that, it also helps to prevent fading of your furniture and gives an added safety feature to your glass windows!

In our upcoming posts, we will be going through more details about window film - starting from the technology behind this window film/how it works/how to choose the right film and so forth.

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions regarding window film, do contact us anytime through out Contact us page.

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