The current state of the window film industry

Just yesterday, I received a text from my customer - suggesting that I overcharge for my sputtered window films. A competitor has offered sputtered film that is supposedly superior and better than all other brands, at half the price I have quoted to my customer. Right away I say, let's test the samples and if mine is indeed of lower quality and I overcharge, I will give a full refund to you.

This caught my interest, I was so curious to find out which competitor and film that the salesperson offered to my customer. I rushed down to my customer's house and we spoke.

I asked my customer on how did the salesperson sell his film? The answer - just giving samples and explaining/talking. No devices were used to test/nothing was done to feel the effect of the film. In my mind, I was already thinking, such is the state of the window film industry - dealers and salespeople who are incompetent to explain about their products, and just merely using "data and specifications" and most importantly low and cheap prices to sell.

According to the competitor's salesperson, my company's way of testing (using heat lamp to feel difference when heat passes through film / using transmission meters ) are all marketing gimmick.

I agree on the transmission meter testing part (it is not the best way, but it is also a good gauge), as many films will claim to block 99% of Infrared Rays according to the reading on the meters. But as professionals, we all know this is not possible - and that this 99% Rejection is only measured on a certain wavelength.

Back to the point of testing, heat lamp is another popular method of testing the effectiveness of the film. Is this the best way to test again? My answer is yes and no. It might not be the best way to test if it is only a short period of time and could mean nothing as the difference might be too little to notice - unless you test it for longer period of time to see the effectiveness. On the other hand, you cannot lie the performance of the film after allowing heat to pass through it, if the film can indeed reject/block heat as it states, you will be able to feel it immediately.

After testing the competitor's film and my film, it is very obvious which is of a higher quality. Soon after, my customer requested some of my samples, my guess is that he will compare mine and my competitor's films in his own method/competitor's methods.

Using any way of testing, I am still confident - Pacco Window Film - is superior.

I had to write this post to speak out about the current state of the window film industry. Although it has been around for decades, with many decade old window film companies, but the knowledge of customers and EVEN salesperson/dealer is still lacking. We at Pacco Window Film want to change this and offer 100% Transparent and Professional advice. If the film is cheaper, we would let our customers test the difference in quality (heat rejection etc). "There is no free lunch in this world".

I believe in honesty and quality.

*forgive the tone of this post, as I am furiously typing this to share with everyone the state of this industry.

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