Sputtered Solar Films

In light of customers asking which type of films best suit our climate and weather, today i will talk about why you should use sputtered films instead of any other films for your house or office.

First we need to understand the climate of our region vs other regions.

Southeast Asia experiences hot and humid weather 365 days all year round, this means it is either rain or sunshine. While other regions like USA/Japan/Korea/China/Europe have 4 seasons (from hot in the summer to the cold in the winter).

The current types of window film are mostly made in US / Korea / Japan / China etc. With that in mind, consumers in these countries would want to block out the summer heat and keep warm during the winter cold. Thus the main type of films in these countries actually use Ceramic Films. Why ceramic films? It actually works both ways where it helps to keep out summer heat and trap heat during the winter cold. However this could be like a double edged sword where due to its unique properties, the heat is not 100% effectively blocked out but rather also trapped in the summer (and in winter which is good).

Ceramic films absorb heat. How it blocks heat is by absorbing the Infrared rays into the film itself, resulting in the build up of heat in the film. While it helps to reduce some heat, it is only temporary, where heat will just pass through after some time. BUT this is very effective in the winter where it helps to keep the house/office warm.

This brings us back again to what type of films are most suited to our climate - sputtered films. Sputtered films actually reflect the heat away from your house/office without absorbing much. This gives it a more consistent performance in blocking out heat.

I would say sputtered films are designed for our region where it is hot 365 days. Reflecting the heat away is the best way to keep out the heat from your house or office.

If you require any more explanations about sputtered films, do feel free to contact us anytime. We believe education is key as consumers are not fully informed about choosing window films in Singapore.

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