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November 13, 2019

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The current state of the window film industry

March 13, 2018

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Window Films Can Really Save Lives

December 23, 2019


Many window film consumers only have the understanding that window films/solar films are meant to block out heat from their cars/buildings or increase privacy. However, many do not know that by installing solar films on their windows, it will help to increase the durability and strength of the glass which makes it more difficult for the glass to shatter when broken.  


Window Films for homes can be very important in terms of the safety of the occupants.

1) Break-ins (Burglary)

Although break-ins/burglary is not a very big issue in Singapore, there is still a possibility of it happening. Window Films will be able to prolong the process of burglars trying to break through the glass. The window films will act as a layer of laminate which requires more strength and time to break through. This will give occupants or neighbours enough time to take the necessary action.


2) Toys, Furniture or People Hitting the Glass

Many cases of glass breakage in recent years is caused by children running into the glass or objects hitting it. Glass breakage can cause severe injuries like cuts and bruises to people close by. By installing window films, it is able to hold the shattered glass in place if it ever breaks and not cause cuts and bruises to those around. This will give owners ample amount of time to change the glass and make the necessary arrangements. 


3) Glass Impurities

There are many instances where shower screens would just crack and shatter. This is mainly caused by the impurities that are present in the glass and the constant change of temperature in the toilets. (Hot Water and Cold Water) The constant change in ambient temperature in the toilet causes the impurities to expand and retract, which is the reason why glass can break even without anyone touching it.


Window Films for Cars are equally important to the safety of those in the vehicle and on the roads.

1) Accidents

There are many cases during road accidents, where the glass from their cars can cause occupants cuts and bruises to their faces. Additionally, if the shattered pieces were to cause cuts in the eyes of the occupants it could possibility lead to the loss of sight. Therefore, by installing window films onto your vehicles it will decrease the chance getting cuts and bruises from the shattered glass pieces. 


2) Objects Flying on the Road

There are many heavy vehicles carrying items that can break your windscreens. Debris on the road can also be a hazard if it lands on a vehicles windscreen at high speeds. Therefore, installing window films will be able to stop this debris from breaking through the glass and the film and protect the occupants. 


3) Break-Ins

In Singapore, we have minimal cases of car break-ins but there are still a few instances where windows are shattered and things stolen from cars. Many Singaporeans also make the day trip across the causeway with their cars, and we as Singaporeans understand that crime-rates are higher on the other side of the boarder. Many Singaporeans have experience shattered windows and things stolen from their vehicles while their across the causeway. Therefore, with window films installed onto your car windows, it will take the thief a longer time and more effort to break through the glass and film to steal items that are left in your vehicles. 


It is important when getting solar films/window films to know the thickness of the material in order to know the strength of the material. The thicker the solar film, the stronger the material. Installing solar films could be a life-saving decision for many. Protect your family, protect yourselves with our window films today.  








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