7 Degrees Celsius Reduction After Installing Z Series Z40 Solar Film

Today we will be looking at a real life commercial client and the results of temperature reduction after installing the Z Series Z40 solar films onto their windows.

Problem: The Bubble Lifts of a Commercial Building is facing intense afternoon sun, and the view from the lift remains unblocked and open which increases the amount of heat energy entering the lifts for prolonged periods. The ventilation system in the lifts have become faulty over the years as well, making it very difficult to keep the internal temperatures of the bubble lifts cool and comfortable for users.

After carrying out our initial site assessment, we concluded that heat from the sun will enter the bubble lifts for up to 5 hours a day. Between 1pm to 6pm. 5 hours of direct afternoon sun would mean that the lift would heat up and make it very uncomfortable for passengers to take. We have also seen and gotten feedback from the building owners that passengers would not want to stand near the windows in the afternoon because it is too hot and would make it difficult for other users to get into the lifts.

How we carried out the tests: We chose 2 bubble lifts that were situated side by side and only installed the Z Series Z40 Solar Film onto one of the lifts. We allowed the film to set for a week before carrying out the tests.

We seized operations of both lifts and left it idle for 3 days on the 9th floor and measured the ambient temperatures using a temperature logger of the lift every 15 minutes. We manage to record 192 readings over the course of 72 hours.

After going through the results, it was seen that the hottest period during the day was between 4pm to 6pm in the evening and the temperature in the lifts will start to increase gradually after 1pm and at a much faster rate after 4pm.

The highest temperature recorded for both lifts were as follows:

1) 35.6 °C (Lift With Z40 Solar Film) 5:24:00 pm

2) 43.1 °C (Lift With No Solar Film) 5:24:00 pm

Both these temperatures were recorded at the same time on the same day, which proves the accuracy of this test.

It was seen through the the test results that the lift which was installed with the Z40 was consistently cooler by 4°C to 7°C during the hottest period of the day. (4pm to 6pm)

After installing the Z Series Z40 Window Film, a drastic difference could be seen and felt. Therefore, we usually will recommend to our customers to put the films to the test before any decision is made. Whenever we meet our clients, we will bring a machine that will simulate the heat and let our customers have a first hand experience of the solar films before making a decision. We also encourage our customers to make comparisons of various films in the market by putting it to the test. We focus on ensuring that our customers have a better understanding of solar films to know which type of solar films would best solve their problems to maximize value for money.

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